Teh Talua recipe and Health Benefits


- tea
- granulated sugar
- ground cinnamon
- egg yolk
- water
- sweetened condensed milk
- sweet orange.

How to :
- Heat water and add tea.
- Beat the egg yolk with sugar in a serving glass until it turns white and slightly frothy, using a hand mixer.
- Put the hot brewed tea into the beaten egg that turns white
- Add enough sweetened condensed milk or according to your taste.
- Serve with lime wedges

As for some tips for making tula tea, namely use very hot water so that the sugar dissolves completely, so that the eggs are slightly cooked.

Health benefits of Teh Talua :
- As a Stamina Enhancer.
- Restores the body's vitality after heavy work.
- As a Hunger Delayer.
- As Eye Health.
- As Vitamin intake.
- As a male stamina enhancer.