Pecel Madiun recipe

To present the Madiun pecel Rice is at least there are 4 components that must be considered.
1. Sambal Pecel.
2. Vegetables: Swamp cabbage, Cabbage, mustard, mung bean sprouts, cassava leaves, papaya leaves, Kembang turi, Leaf kenikir, Duah winged bean.
3. Complement: Srundeng, Sambal Matches / Dry Tempe, peanut brittle or plates, beans and basil leaves lamtoro, could also be added cucumbers.
4. Side dishes: fried Tempe, Empal Meat, fried chicken, fried eggs, depending on taste alone.

Cooking Ingredients:
– 300 grams of peanuts in cooking, mash until smooth may be neither.
– 4 pieces of red chilli
– 10 cayenne pepper
– 5 cloves garlic
– 3 teaspoons shrimp paste
– 20 lime leaves, discard the bones leaves
– 2 teaspoons salt
– 80 grams sugar
– 10 grams of tamarind, dip the glass-added 3 SDK eating boiled water
– 2 tablespoons cooking oil

(Be better kencur not use because it will damage the flavor sauce that we make later on!)

Cooking Sambal Pecel:
1. Heat oil and saute the red pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic and shrimp paste until visible wilting.
2. Blend ingredients and stir lime leaves, salt and sugar.
3. Enter a bean that has been fried earlier. Stir until blended add boiled water and acid water, stirring until blended.