Putu Ayu Cake recipe

Putu Ayu Cake Ingredients:
Wheat flour, 150 grams
Sugar, 200 grams
Chicken eggs, 2 eggs
Coconut milk, 200 ml
SP, 1 teaspoon
Green dye, to taste
Grated young coconut, 100 grams
Salt, to taste

How to make a Putu Ayu cake:
Whisk the eggs, sugar and SP until fluffy and white. Then enter the flour. Mix well.
Pour coconut milk gradually, stirring until blended.
Enter the green dye and stir well.

Mix the coconut and salt until blended.
Enter the palm at the base of the mold with a slight pressure to a solid.
Pour batter putu ayu until the mold is full.
Heat a steamer pot, steam the dough until cooked. Remove and serve.

For 18 pieces Putu Ayu
Cake Putu Ayu Tips:
Do not use the fire that is too large so that the steamer is not too hot so that it can cause the cake broke.
In order for coconut can look neat and attractive, use a fairly young coconut and time put into the mold with a slight pressure to a solid.