Wedang Serbat recipe and Health Benefits


- palm sugar
- ginger
- lemongrass stalk
- pepper powder
- cloves
- cinnamon
- cardamom
- salt
- kolang kaling
- mineral water

How to :
- Wash the ginger and peel it thoroughly. Then grill the ginger and cut it into thin slices.
- Heat drinking water to boil, add sliced ginger, cloves, cinnamon, lemongrass stalk, palm sugar, ginger.
- Let the spice mixture simmer over heat for 15 minutes to fully absorb.
- Add a pinch of salt, sliced palm sugar and stir again until boiling.
- Add kolang kaling to make the wedang sherbet more delicious.
- Strain the wedang sherbet to remove any impurities from the sugar.
- Done and ready to serve!

Health benefits of Wedang Serbat :
- Maintain the digestive system
- Boosts Body Immunity
- Relieves Stress
- Improves Brain Function
- Lowers Cancer Risk