Ketoprak Ingredients:
- 3 pieces of white Know
- bean sprouts, 125 grams, siangi, boiled, drained
- Noodle, 100 gram, soaked in warm water, drained
- Lontong, 3 pieces

Seasonings Ketoprak:
- Fried Peanut, 75 grams
- Garlic, 5 cloves, whole fried
- Chili pepper, 5 pieces, fried
- Shaved red sugar, 2 teaspoons
- Sweet soy sauce, to taste
- Water mature, 50 ml
- Salt enough

- Crackers sago (pink)
- fried onions, to taste, for sprinkling

How to cook Ketoprak:
1. Heat oil and fry until half-baked idea. Remove and drain. Cut according to taste.
2. Mix all ingredients except water, mash until smooth.
Pour water and stir well.
3. Place a few pieces out, rice cake, bean sprouts, and rice noodles on serving plates. Add peanut sauce on it.
4. Sprinkle with fried onions and serve with crackers sago.
1. If you want to know more savory, season with salt and used garlic before being fried.
2. In order not to bother, you can refine the seasoning with the blender. But this will affect the appearance and flavor marinade