Serapah Daging recipe

Meat Serapah Ingredients:
     Has 500 grams of meat outside
     bay leaves
     1 tbsp Brown Sugar
     2 tablespoons rice flour
     5 tablespoons cooking oil
     600 ml Coconut milk is consistency
     1000 ml Water

Spices that:
     3 cloves Onion
     4 pieces Garlic
     5 red chilies
     3 cm Turmeric
     2 cm ginger
     1 cm Powder
     2 cm Galangal
     1 tsp Paste
     1 / 4 nutmeg seeds
     1 / 2 tsp pepper

How to make oaths Meat:

Boil the meat with water up to 3 / 4 tender then cut into thin wide.
Sauté the crushed spices and bay leaf with used cooking oil until fragrantand cooked.
Insert meat pour coconut milk and brown sugar, and stir, reduce heat until the coconut milk stayed approximately 400 ml.
Enter the rice flour is dissolved stir until thickened.