Semur Jengkol recipe

Ingredients :

500 grams of intermediate quality jengkol
4 embayment leaves
7 lime departs
2 centimetres galangal , digeprek only
condensed soy dressing to flavour
saline to flavour and flavor
water to boil

Subtle taste stews jengkol :

8 spring onions
4 cloves of garlic
5 pieces of red chili sauce ( can be added if you like spicy )
3 eggs hazelnut
pepper to flavour

How to :

Boil jengkol currently peeled with a covered vessel until tender , about 2 hours . If the water runs out of his ari add more .
If it is soft , remove from heat , let coolinging and then make flat all jengkol , set aside.
Heat oil , saute ground spices , ginger , ememembaymentmentment departs and lime departs until fragrant delay while occasionally rousing .
Put jengkol , mix well , then pour a little water mix afresh until evenly prepared food .
Add enhanced condensed soy dressing , saline and type of flavor, mix evenly .
delay until the water dries-out-out up and the spices to infuse into the beef jengkol , lift .
Jengkol Serve with a plate of moderately hot white rice .