Rambak Lele recipe

Rambak Lele (Catfish) is an alternative to the processed catfish, which are usually cooked with coconut milk or fried and served with chili paste. Rambak crispy catfish could be selling its own that could bring a tidy profit.

Skin catfish, 1 kg
Garlic, 250 grams
Salt, 125 grams
Whiting, 1 tbsp
Cooking oil, 1 liter
Water, 2 liters

How to make Rambak Catfish:
Lime: Mix of whiting and 1 liter of water, stirring until dissolved whiting. Set aside.
Soak catfish skin in lime water for 5-10 minutes. Wash thoroughly.
Boil the remaining water, pour in catfish sk

in. Add the garlic and salt and stir well. Leave it submerged until the catfish skin flavors to infuse about 2 minutes.
Remove and drain catfish skin. Arrange on top Tampah or flat container, drying it to dry about 1 day.
Heat oil, fry the skin until fluffy and cooked catfish. Remove and drain.
Pack in plastic labeled.
Rambak catfish ready for the market.

For 10 packs Rambak Lele

Tips Rambak Catfish:
We recommend using a large catfish (1 kg = 1 tail)