Cendol recipe

- 100 gr rice flour
- 25 gr tapioca flour
- 450 ml water
- 1 tsp pandan paste ready to use / to taste.
- 1 can of sweet Crop Jackfruit Matches
- Coconut milk to taste, boil until boiling, stirring frequently so as not to break, add a little salt and Pandan leaves.
- 150 gr Java Sugar or to taste, boiled with water until boiling.
How to make cendol / dawet:
1. Mix all ingredients cendol, boiled at low heat and stir until bubbling.
2. Turn off heat, stirring constantly until slightly warm.
3. Input into the clear plastic, a strong tie, and holes in the plastic tip with a diameter of approximately half a cm.
4. Prepare a container of boiled water and ice cubes, then such use syringe, press the dough cendol plastic for plastic out of the hole and directly into a container of cold water / ice water.
set cendol and Jackfruit or the like, give a coconut and sugar on top and serve in a cold state.