Tum Ayam recipe

ingredients Chicken Tum:
     ½ chicken tail
     Coconut ½ btr
     Banana leaves to taste

Tum Chicken Seasoning:
     Onion 8 pcs
     Ginger 1 RSJ
     3 cloves garlic
     1 stalk lemongrass
     Lombok 2 pcs
     Salam 5 lbr
     Lada 5 bj
     ½ tsp shrimp paste
     Pecan 4 bj
     ½ tbsp salt
     Powder ¼ RSJ

How to Make Chicken TUM:
Shredded chicken (boneless).
Seasoning mashed except lemongrass, ginger, bay, made ​​of coconutmilk.
Spices mixed with chicken meat, added water.
Plus coconut milk.
Meat wrapped in banana leaves, shaped tum.
Each package is filled ± 5 pieces of chicken meat and sauce, thensteamed.
Served with a wrapper leaf is opened but no biting is released.