Wedang Serbat recipe and Health Benefits


- palm sugar
- ginger
- lemongrass stalk
- pepper powder
- cloves
- cinnamon
- cardamom
- salt
- kolang kaling
- mineral water

How to :
- Wash the ginger and peel it thoroughly. Then grill the ginger and cut it into thin slices.
- Heat drinking water to boil, add sliced ginger, cloves, cinnamon, lemongrass stalk, palm sugar, ginger.
- Let the spice mixture simmer over heat for 15 minutes to fully absorb.
- Add a pinch of salt, sliced palm sugar and stir again until boiling.
- Add kolang kaling to make the wedang sherbet more delicious.
- Strain the wedang sherbet to remove any impurities from the sugar.
- Done and ready to serve!

Health benefits of Wedang Serbat :
- Maintain the digestive system
- Boosts Body Immunity
- Relieves Stress
- Improves Brain Function
- Lowers Cancer Risk

Teh Talua recipe and Health Benefits


- tea
- granulated sugar
- ground cinnamon
- egg yolk
- water
- sweetened condensed milk
- sweet orange.

How to :
- Heat water and add tea.
- Beat the egg yolk with sugar in a serving glass until it turns white and slightly frothy, using a hand mixer.
- Put the hot brewed tea into the beaten egg that turns white
- Add enough sweetened condensed milk or according to your taste.
- Serve with lime wedges

As for some tips for making tula tea, namely use very hot water so that the sugar dissolves completely, so that the eggs are slightly cooked.

Health benefits of Teh Talua :
- As a Stamina Enhancer.
- Restores the body's vitality after heavy work.
- As a Hunger Delayer.
- As Eye Health.
- As Vitamin intake.
- As a male stamina enhancer.

Wedang Uwuh recipe and Health Benefits


700 ml water
40 grams dried sappan wood shavings
50 grams of rock sugar
6 cm ginger root, roasted and puréed
2 dried cinnamon leaves
3 dried clove leaves
3 nutmeg leaves 10 cloves

How to :
 1. Bring the water with all the ingredients to a boil over medium heat. Do it for about 15 minutes. Remove from heat. 
2. Serve warm, can be strained or served with the ingredients.

Health benefits of Wedang uwuh :
1. As an Antioxidant
2. as Anti-Inflammatory
3. to Stabilize Hemoglobin
4. to Relieve Cough and Sore Throat
5. as Antimicrobial
6. as Anti-Allergy
7. to Increase Libido
8. for Heart Health
9. to Stabilize Blood Sugar
10. to Reduce Cancer Risk