Wajik recipe

Ingredients Wajik:
White glutinous rice, 500 gram, soaked overnight, drained
Coconut milk, 500 ml of a coconut
Sugar, 150 grams
Salt, enough
Pandanus leaves, 2 sheets
Pink and green dye, enough

How to make Diamonds:
Steamed sticky rice until clear, about 15 minutes, remove from heat.
Boil the coconut milk, brown sugar, salt, pandan leaf and dyes (green, pink) to the boil and greasy.
Enter the sticky rice into the boiling coconut milk and cook, stirring until cooked sticky rice and coconut milk runs out. Pour the sticky rice in a pan that dialas plastic

, flatten and padatkan. Let cool.
Cut according to taste. Serve.

For 20 pieces Wajik

Wajik Tips:
If fear is not cooked sticky rice, sticky rice steamed after, Karu and then steamed back to the new mature processed into diamonds.
To make the chocolate-colored diamonds instead of just white sugar with brown sugar.