Wedang Jahe recipe

sugar cubes / sugar / brown sugar to taste (but better to use sugar cubes) 2 thumbs ginger, peeled, washed and sliced ​​about 1 cm thick, then mash 1-2  fruit, wash.

Boiling water once
Pinkie 2 cinnamon sticks, washing too briefly.
2 segment pinkie kencur, peeled, washed, then crushed a little

Attention: All washed with boiled water.

How to make ginger wedang
Enter ginger, kencur, cloves, cinnamon stick, then pour boiling water into a glass with boiling water.
Stir until sugar dissolves stone.
And ginger-press pressed a little bit so

that the juice out. Drink warm.
If you want more spicy, be boiled for a minute with 300cc of water so that the juice of ginger so much out again. First godog high heat until boiling, while guarded lest mumbul, then reduce the heat, then godog about 10 minutes.
But if you want spiciness is, do not hammered out, immediately brewed with boiling water only.